Our Art-Filled Hong Kong Apartment

Wow, we have quite a bit of stuff hanging on our walls! We have started to gather some favourite pieces of art and brought many along with us to bring the walls of our Canadiana Haven to life. Even though everything was set up and we were settled in, it only really started to feel finished once we started hanging art.

It took us some time to get that task done because we weren’t certain how to hang in to concrete without damaging the walls and risking our damage deposit. I found some great little concrete-specific hangers at the grocery store – problem solved!

Funky little hangers that can go in to concrete.
Action shot of Braden conquering the art hanging conundrum.


  • Elephant Canvas – purchased in a Bangkok market when we were backpacking there 3 years ago
  • The World Is your Oyster – gift from my sister and available at Chapters
  • Family Photos – gift from Mom before we moved
  • Wedding Photo – one of my favourite shots from our ceremony in Coquitlam taken by Jamie Delaine, in a frame that was a wedding gift from our friends
Our little black and white corner of the bedroom.
Good morning, family! Good night, family!


  • B&W Photo – I developed this self-portrait in the darkroom myself when I was in high school. It was published on a Jones Soda label across North America a few years ago, so it’s a fun story to tell. 
I love this print.

Living Room

  • “She Turned Her Cant’s in to Cans and Her Dreams in to Plans” Print – a gift from my sister
  • Rooster Photo – I took this photo while we were on vacation in Bali a few years ago
  • Eiffel Tower Slide – a print of an old slide of my Aunt, Mom and Gran-ma at the top of the Eiffel Tower; I love the colours and joy evident in this image
  • Key Art – I made this art with the keys from our first place together after we took possession and had the locks changed
  • Vancouver Print KT & Paul – a wedding gift from our friends
  • “F*#k Yeah!” Framed Card – (excuse the language!) the card from my former work colleagues was given to Braden and I after I shared that he had accepted a role in Hong Kong
  • Wedding Photo – taken by our photographer at the Now Jade Resort in Mexico where we got married
  • “This Life is the Real Thing” by The Writing – we each received one of these prints on our desk one day when I worked at lululemon
  • Travel Print – a wedding gift from a friend / construction manager I worked with for year; he had it customized for us
  • Clock by Riley’s Custom Cabinets – a handmade gift from our friends
Our house feels so much cozier now!
A little close-up of our wall.
More close ups. 
Last close-up.
What a nice little view to welcome us home every day!

I love the mix of art, frames, colours and styles. This is such a fun collection of pieces that mean something to us!

13 thoughts on “Our Art-Filled Hong Kong Apartment

  1. I stumbled across your blog when searching for HK apartment living. It’s a small world – I had signed a lease on an apartment in the same building as you (the balcony gave it away) and I moved in on Friday. The other coincidence is the island bench- I have the same one. Keep the blog posts coming, such a great read.I just wish I had your design style!


      1. Hi Alison, yes I’m new to HK but starting to settle in. It would be great to chat up for a drink. Feel free to pop me an email.


  2. Very cool art work Alison. I totally agree that it really adds the finishing touch.
    Where did you get the photo of Mom, my sisters? I have never seen that shot before.


  3. Alison,
    Fantastic post! Your artistic talents will always be on display. I enjoyed your photo- “It’s not the journey or the destination. It’s who you are traveling with”. Much happiness to you/husband in your new location.


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