One Way Ticket to Hong Kong

Yesterday I booked a one-way ticket to Hong Kong!  There’s no going back now.  On April 6th I will fly to Hong Kong to officially begin this new chapter in our life with Braden.   Braden has been there for close to two months and I am getting anxious join him!  I couldn’t be more excited!  I have been getting antsy witnessing instagram posts and Facebook photos of Braden exploring our new city.  I’m ready to start learning the streets and MTR system, going hiking on the weekend and hopefully making some new friends.

The purpose of this blog is share with family and friends what we are up to.  We have no real idea what to expect with our new life, other than it is going to be a huge adventure.  It will be challenging to consistently keep in touch with everyone individually, so this is a great way for anyone who is interested to check in and see what’s up.  Please comment and share with anyone you think might like to follow our journey!

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