2019 Year in Review

Well here were are, over 30% of the way through 2020 and I’m still trying to summarize 2019. I was an absolute blur of a year full of changes and confusions; maybe I’m still trying to wrap my head around everything that happened.

Weekend in Melbourne

After a weekend in Sydney and a few days of work we flew to Melbourne, a new city for me. We spent some time exploring the city and popping in to a bunch of great coffee shops, plenty of hours in meetings and, before I knew it, the work part of our trip was over.

Weekend in Sydney

Last time I was in Sydney was in 2004. My cousin was on a university exchange in Brisbane and I made a trip Down Under to visit. I flew in to Sydney, arriving early in the morning and feeling totally jet lagged. I only had two days before I started a tour, and my days … More Weekend in Sydney