Flight from Hong Kong to Sydney

As if I weren’t already lucky enough to be living in Hong Kong and experiencing all sorts of adventures, I’m also working for a global company and responsible for work in Australia and New Zealand. How fortunate am I?!? A few months in to my job discussions around a trip to Australia began to happen and I held my breath as plans were finalized and agendas were set. I just got back from nine days and absolutely loved it! Braden was super envious of my travel opportunity, but maybe even more jealous that I was flown business class. I am totally spoiled for flying now, especially on long trips. It was incredible!

The work part of the trip was from Monday to Thursday, and my coworkers were flying in around those dates, but I decided to take advantage of the weekends on either end and extend my time to see a bit more of Sydney and Melbourne. I packed my bags on Thursday, worked on Friday, quickly went home to grab my suitcase and headed to the airport to check in early and take advantage of access to the Cathay Pacific Lounges, which are plentiful and impressive. I was overwhelmed by the options and checked out this article here in advance to help decide which one to spend time in. It was so lovely to eat nice food and have a few glasses of bubbly at The Cabin lounge before boarding.

Entrance to The Cabin Lounge, near gate 23 at the Hong Kong airport.
View from my little area: TV and bar, with the business cubbies beyond.
This was the full service bar, with prompt friendly service.
There was a hot food station, as well as a cold food area with a selection of meats, cheeses and salads.
The business cubicles, specially designed for Cathay. I didn’t try one.
My little pre-flight snack.
Tiny little bite of dessert.

I stayed in the lounge as long as possible then headed to my gate to board. It was a red eye flight, so my plan was to sleep quite quickly. I think every other time I’ve boarded a plan and walked passed these amazing seats I’ve ignored them as much as possible so as to not think about what I’m missing out on. When I got on to the plane and took a look at my seat I was too impressed and excited to sleep right away. I put on a movie (The Age of Adaline, which I enjoyed and also had fun Vancouver-spotting, as there were quite a few recognizable landmarks), ordered some dinner and enjoyed my cushy setting.

All this space just for me!
Nice menu options. Too bad I wasn’t very hungry.
My meal of wok fried prawns. The berries were delicious.
The little travel kit we were given. 
It contained some nice Jurlique products….
…toothbrush, toothpaste, cloth and ear plugs….
…socks and an eye mask. Nice to have!

After a bit of dinner I investigated my little travel pack, took off my shoes, put on my eye mask and stretched out. I got a nice pillow and comforter. Once I was stretched out I put my seat belt on loosely and then feel asleep. What an incredible way to fly! I didn’t even wake up for breakfast and sat up only in time to land.

No complaints about how much space I had to stretch out.

After waking up and switching my area back from a bed to a seat, I peeked out my window to this beautiful view and knew I was going to have an amazing time in Australia. I’ll post soon about my time in Sydney and Melbourne, so check back soon!

Flying in over the Sydney harbour. You can see the Harbour Bridge and a little peek of the Opera House.

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