Boracay Honeymoon

We woke up super early on Saturday to start our honeymoon! We took the train from the city out to the airport, checked in with no issue, and flew from Hong Kong to Manila (about 1.5 hr). When we got to Manila we had to transfer terminals which was confusing and not clearly marked at all. We avoided all “come in my taxi” scams / random shuttle services and eventually figured out where we needed to be. It was 30 degrees, hot and sticky. Feels like a vacation should!

Quick glimpse of Manila – we can’t say we’ve been there since we didn’t leave the airport.

We took a second little prop plane from Manila (another 1.5 hrs) to Caticlan then hopped on a little ferry to take us to Boracay Island. Once we got to the island we hired a motor-tricycle to take us to our accommodations. It was a bumpy little ride and I had to reach around to make sure the suitcases didn’t fall out the back.

Braden loves airports - this was no exception
Braden loves airports – this was no exception.

Boracay is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and is being consistently put on “Best Beach” lists on various websites and magazines. It has averaged temperatures around 28 degrees consistently through the year and their currency is the peso (35 peso = $1 CAD). Braden has evaluated the currency in terms of beer value and has easily concluded he can’t afford NOT to purchase a 40PHP beer (just over $1 CAD)!

Our hotel is absolutely beautiful with a view of the beach and is in a quiet area further away from the restaurants and bars. It’s a nice little walk down the beach to explore – a good way to walk off the beers! – and really feels like we are on a relaxing vacation. Lots more exploring to do…

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