Day Trip to Aberdeen Fishing Village

This past weekend was a beautiful sunny day with no signs of Hong Kong’s trademark humidity. Apparently this is winter – between 25 and 30 degrees and blue sky – and we are just fine with that! Actually, I’ve heard this isn’t typical and real cold weather is around the corner. I’ll  believe it when I see it…and judge whether it’s actually cold!

We took a little mini bus from the road outside our apartment in Wan Chai to a finishing village on the other side of the island. Mini buses hold about 15 people and once they’re full they don’t make any stops on the way to their destination. And it cost us 7.5 HKD ($1.25CAD each!). The driver had a huge speedometer on display with a sign stating he wasn’t allowed to exceed 80km/hr. One time he did, and a warning bell went off! It was so funny – I don’t know why I didn’t take a photo.

Once we got to Aberdeen we didn’t have any plans other than to wander around and explore. We made our way to the waterfront and quickly found ourselves being approached by a little tour boat. Our guide didn’t speak English but had a little English card all printed and ready to hand to us. A half hour boat tour of the harbour for $60 HKD ($10 CAD) each? Alright! We hopped aboard and putted around for half an hour to see the sights of Aberdeen. Our trip was obviously devoid of commentary but we enjoyed the view back to the town from the water, checking out the boats, and a close-up view of the famous Jumbo seafood restaurant.

A Life Shift 20151125a
Our trusty captain. He couldn’t wait to take my phone to snap photos of us. We ended up with about 15, but all but one had his finger in it. Haha!
A Life Shift 20151125c
Braden at the bow.
A Life Shift 20151125d
View toward Ap Lei Chau (Aberdeen Island) going under the bridge that connects the island to Hong Kong Island.
A Life Shift 20151125e
Wild pointing from the guide. Yes, we see the massive floating restaurant.
A Life Shift 20151125f
It is actually quite cool to see the restaurant, which you can access from the shore via a free boat shuttle.
A Life Shift 20151125g
Is it actually floating? No. A quick google search confirms this restaurant is securely fixed to the seafloor. But pier restaurant doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it?
A Life Shift 20151125h
Do you want to dine in the same place as Queen Elizabeth II, John Wayne, David Bowie, Tom Cruise, Gweneth Paltrow and various asian celebrities whose names I don’t recognize? Dine at Jumbo Kingdom*! *Disclaimer: reviews for both service and food are mixed.
A Life Shift 20151125j
There is a breakwater at the entry to the channel, so this is a mooring spots for boats during typhoons.
A Life Shift 20151125k
We enjoyed checking out the boats, some of which appear to be lived on.
A Life Shift 20151125l
The back of the restaurant isn’t quite as cute as the front, now is it?
A Life Shift 20151125m
What a nice little juxtaposition of boats!
A Life Shift 20151125n
Curious about how fish is dried in Hong Kong? Here’s your answer! It was fragrant to say the least.
A Life Shift 20151125o
Our driver wove us through the rows of boats moored in the channel. It was lovely.
A Life Shift 20151125p
Loved the view back to Aberdeen from the water.
A Life Shift 20151125v
This boat was one of our favourites!
A Life Shift 20151125q
Some boats looked more trusty than others…
A Life Shift 20151125r
Tough to see in the photo, but in between the break in the buildings you can see a huge cemetery on the hillside. I’d like to go walk through it one day.
A Life Shift 20151125s
Some fish drying in front of a restaurant. I think the intention was to draw us in to eat. It didn’t work for us!

Another big draw in Aberdeen is a 27 story mall with both furniture and clothing stores. Imagine an office building but each level is a mall. We rode the elevator to the top and then took the stairs down to each level. We got bored about halfway through and left (we weren’t shopping for anything in particular) and much of it was designer brands and super expensive. We did find a nice outfit for Braden though…should this be his new style?

A Life Shift 20151125t
At about $1000 CAD and sleeves that strap together, I’m not convinced. We told the sales person that “we would think about it”.

As we drove by in our taxi on the way home (luckily in slow traffic) we were shocked by this sign. Road casualties year to date: 17,600. WHAT?

A Life Shift 20151125u
Now we really appreciate the mini bus and its integrated speed warning system!

So there you have it! A random little day in Hong Kong exploring. Signing off feeling thankful that we weren’t in a road accident.

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