Hong Kong Sites: Avenue of Comic Stars + Flower Market + Bird Market + Pet Market

A couple weekends ago we ventured over to Kowloon to do some exploring. We spent a bit of time at a mall (super complicated – it seemed to be 3 malls that had been joined together. None of the levels lined up, so it was full of short flights of stairs and escalators. It was the strangest thing! It was packed, though, so we escaped outside and wandered around for a bit. We happened upon the Avenue of Comic Stars in Kowloon Park, then continued to the Flower Market and Pet Market.

A Life Shift 20150724a
A great example of the building density that is found everywhere in Hong Kong. Keep your curtains closed!
A Life Shift 20150724b
Just one of the many busy streets filled with colourfull signs in Kowloon.
A Life Shift 20150724c
How many Comic Stars do you see? Two? Three?
A Life Shift 20150724d
I love this photo – somehow Braden’s eyebrows match the character’s.

Next stop: The Flower Market! To get to there we took the MTR to Jordan Station and walked a couple blocks. Braden had been here before and knew where to go. I was expecting small flower stall, but this area was really a couple block of shops all selling fresh flowers, pots, and plants. It was beautiful!

A Life Shift 20150724f
The beginning of the Flower Market.
A Life Shift 20150724g
Every night they pull everything back inside their shops.
A Life Shift 20150724h
Lots of fresh, aromatic herbs are available.
A Life Shift 20150724i
So many colourful buckets!
A Life Shift 20150724j
Such a pretty street – it feel like we were at a garden show.
A Life Shift 20150724k
More flower!
A Life Shift 20150724l
No idea what these were, but we liked them! So exotic looking!
The first tulips we have seen in Hong Kong!
The first tulips we have seen in Hong Kong!

After we were finished wandering through the flower market we visited the Bird Market, which was just around the corner. It was starting to close, so if you plan to visit make sure you’re there before 6pm.

A Life Shift 20150724n
Entry to the Bird Market.
A Life Shift 20150724o
Almost there!
A Life Shift 20150724p
It was so noisy with all the chirping birds!
A Life Shift 20150724q
This cheeky parrot was copying me when I said “hello”!
A Life Shift 20150724r
Sweet little colourful birds.
A Life Shift 20150724s
A shopkeeper and his shop. It was around 6pm and the birds were starting to be shrouded for sleep.
A Life Shift 20150724t
The wild birds were flitting around to eat the spilled seed.
A Life Shift 20150724u
Braden whistling, trying to communicate.
A Life Shift 20150724uu
This was a pretty stinky little alley.

After the bird alley week went to Tung Choi Street to see the bird market. Again, I was expecting an open area with stalls, but this was another street – this one completely lined with pet shops. Many of the didn’t allow photos and shooed me away when I tried but there were a few other things, like really tiny turtles.

A Life Shift 20150724v
Know your customer: plush “pets” at the beginning of Pet Street.
A Life Shift 20150724w
View down Tung Choi Street.
A Life Shift 20150724x
Aww…this photo made us miss Jamby. And no, we’re not getting a rabbit here in Hong Kong!
A Life Shift 20150724y
Isn’t this chinchilla so funny perched on top of the water bottle?
A Life Shift 20150724z
All these tiny dogs looked like have been bred to oblivion…they look like toys.
A Life Shift 20150724za
Wall of bags of fish. I don’t know how they stay alive?
A Life Shift 20150724zb
Millions of fishies!
A Life Shift 20150724zc
The “bulk section” for your aquarium rock landscape. Some tough choices…
A Life Shift 20150724zd
Basically everyone in Hong Kong lives in a tiny house…who has room for an aquarium?!
A Life Shift 20150724zg
Scary little shark-looking fish!
A Life Shift 20150724zf
20HKD or around $3.30 CAD for this little bag of fish.

So, first Wan Chai Market (if you missed reading about that adventure, catch it here), then Comic Avenue of the Stars, Flower Market, Bird Market and Pet Market. Coming soon…Nathan Street, Ladies Market (yes, Braden went too!) and Temple Street Market. Phew! Don’t need to go to a market for a while…!

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