Monkeys in Hong Kong – For Real!

We have been operating a 440 sq ft Wan Chai Bed & Breakfast for the last few months, as both sets of parents have been visiting! They timed their visits to alternate weeks, as 4 is the MAXIMUM capacity of our little flat. It’s been so fun having family here to show around Hong Kong and we got out to explore quite a few new areas! My parents arrived in early March when the weather was still quite cool but we braved the chilly weather and went out to search for monkeys!

We took the MTR to the Kowloon side and got off at Sham Shui Po station, then hopped in a cab to take us to the park. It’s always astonishing to be in the middle of an incredibly dense urban environment and then, 10 minutes later, be surrounded by lush green jungle.

A Life Shift 20160518c
A view in to Kam Shan Country Park.

Most of the monkeys were clustered around the entrance to the park, but we did a loop “hike” (very easy walk) to explore some of the area. We thought we would see monkeys here and there on our walk, but they really did seem to be concentrated right near the entrance where most of the visitors are. I think they know that’s where they can find food.

A Life Shift 20160518d
A view down to the reservoir in the park.

We loved seeing monkeys in the wild, especially because these ones weren’t too aggressive. We have seen monkeys in Bali before and they would jump right on to you to steal your hat or sunglasses. These Hong Kong monkeys were less aggressive.

A Life Shift 20160518a
These little monkeys were pretty wily, and kept a keen eye out for food. They are serious trash bin scavengers.
A Life Shift 20160518b
These guys were a bit shy and kept their distance (which is a good thing).
A Life Shift 20160518e
Even though there are signs posted everywhere not to feed the monkeys, many people do. This guy was filling up on peanuts that someone was throwing to him.
A Life Shift 20160518g
A surprisingly happy looking Mom with a monkey. She was not thrilled to be this close. Especially when, 2 seconds later, he started hissing at her to defend his territory. She ran away!
A Life Shift 20160518h
These two didn’t seem to be very concerned about how close we got.
A Life Shift 20160518i
Two little monkeys. I think the big one in the foreground is the cutest.
A Life Shift 20160518j
This fat reclining monkey was clearly the boss and had a slew of other monkeys waiting on him and grooming him.
A Life Shift 20160518k
Mom and Dad got pretty close to the monkeys as they were distracted by a pile of peanuts (which were not from us!) Note the look of apprehension on my Mom’s face.

We definitely enjoyed our monkey excursion. It was nice to go for a walk and see some green. It was also perfect weather as it wasn’t hot at all. When I moved here I had no idea that we’d be able to find monkeys in Hong Kong…I love that they’re here. What better way to celebrate the Year of the Monkey than to visit some in person!

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