A Shift From 2 to 3: Parenthood is our next Adventure!

Hooray! We are FINALLY sharing our news! Braden and I will become parents early September – and we are so excited! When we first moved to Hong Kong we weren’t sure what the move would mean for us starting a family. We knew we wanted kids but didn’t know how we’d feel being so far from our friends and family in Canada, or what our lifestyle would be like here. Once we moved and settled into our new Hong Kong routine, we knew having a baby here was something we could wrap our heads around. Before we knew it (literally…it all happened quite quickly!) I was pregnant and we were making plans to become a family of three. We’ve had quite a few questions about how things are going and how this is all going to work, so read on for some details.

How has your pregnancy been? How are you feeling?

I feel fantastic. Seriously, I forget I’m pregnant most of the time until I look in the mirror. I didn’t have even an hour of morning sickness and I feel so fortunate. I felt a bit tired in the beginning but that’s about it.

Have you had any weird cravings?

No! And I find that very disappointing! I was really hoping I would be excited about some bizarre food or food combination, but…nothing! At the beginning I couldn’t stomach the idea of eating meat for a few weeks and avoided anything to do with chicken or beef, but now I’m totally back to normal. 

A Life Shift 20160530a
First glimpse of our little baby. Hearing the heartbeat for the first time was incredible – I think that’s when it became more real for Braden.
A Life Shift 20160530b
Doesn’t look like much, does it?!

Do you know if you’re having a boy or a girl?

No! We don’t know and we’re not going to find out until the baby’s birth! We decided ages ago that if we ever had a baby that we’d keep the sex a surprise. Once we were pregnant it was a lot harder to stick with that decision but we’re staying strong. We will learn whether it’s a boy or a girl in September and I can’t wait for Braden to announce to me whether it’s a girl or a boy. If you have a guess, leave it below in the comments!

Do you have names picked out?

Yes we do! And what a task to choose a name for both a boy and a girl. Those will also stay a surprise – don’t even bother asking! If you have any suggestions, though, feel free to comment below. We’re still open to suggestions!

A Life Shift 20160530c
At the 12 week scan, baby was intent on doing a face plant, but showed off its spine quite nicely.

Do you plan to stay in your little apartment?

No, our little one bedroom Canadiana Haven will no longer serve our needs and we’ll be moving into a bigger place early this summer. Stay tuned for a blog post about that! We are looking forward to having a bit more space with a nursery for the baby. 


A Life Shift 20160530d
There are designated seats in a few places (this was in an airport in China) but usually they’re taken but people who don’t need them.
A Life Shift 20160530e
One time I was offered a seat on the MTR and it made me feel very big and very pregnant! It was thoughtful though.

Will you come back to Canada to have the baby?

No, I will have the baby here in Hong Kong. It’s where we live now! It’s a developed country with good healthcare and I’m not worried at all. In fact, I’ve heard they have the third lowest infant mortality rate in the world. Besides, if I wanted to have the baby in Canada I’d have to fly to back a couple months in advance since you’re only supposed to fly when pregnant up to 34 weeks or so. I plan to work in Hong Kong for as long as I can before my due date and this little baby with have Hong Kong on its birth certificate.

Will the baby be a dual citizen?

No, in order to be a citizen it needs to have Chinese ancestry. As far as we know, that is not even remotely possible(!), so the baby will be a Canadian citizen since Braden and I both are, and will become a Hong Kong resident at birth.


A Life Shift 20160530f
A very excited grandparent-to-be “met” the baby for the first time when my parents visited Hong Kong in March. Braden’s parents are equally excited.

What type of maternity leave do you get in Hong Kong?

The government mandated maternity leave is 10 weeks. 2 weeks must be taken prior to the due date so I will finish work in August. Hopefully the baby will arrive soon after so I can spend the most time off with the baby possible! I’m also planning to take a few extra weeks off, and will be going back to work early December if all goes according to plan. 

A Life Shift 20160530g
Hi everyone! The baby likes to be very active when we go for our ultrasound appointments, especially at this 20 week scan. We think it looks like its waving hello!
A Life Shift 20160530h
Growing quite a noticeable bump. It’s fun!
A Life Shift 20160530i
Not looking forward to the next few months of sticky, humid, hot weather in Hong Kong. I’ve been very lucky with the weather to this point. I think from now until September is going to be a bit unbearable.

What are your options for giving birth in Hong Kong?

We can opt to have the baby in a public hospital or a private hospital. We explored a few paths and have chosen to have the baby in the public hospital. We have been seeing a private doctor up to this point, and are transitioning to work with a private midwife. We will also see a doctor at the public hospital for the rest of my appointments. The cost is reasonable and the care is great. 

A Life Shift 20160530j
This was the form I needed to fill out to be admitted.
A Life Shift 20160530k
Page two was just as funny as well.
A Life Shift 20160530p
This is what 26 weeks pregnant looks like!

Three months to go and we’re enjoying our freedom! We know our lifestyle of sleeping in on the weekends and coming and going as we please will soon change. We’re also eagerly anticipating having a little person in our lives and can’t wait to introduce our baby to all of you!

xo, Alison & Braden

4 thoughts on “A Shift From 2 to 3: Parenthood is our next Adventure!

  1. Congratulations Alison and Braden! We just visited Bejing and found it to be a wonderful place. All the best with your new baby. Love, Kim, Larry, Casey, Jemma and Zac


    1. Thanks Kim! We’re really excited and will be sure to post updates on the blog. I’m glad you had a great time in Beijing. My parents came to visit in March and spent a few weeks in China, Beijing being one of the stops. They have nothing but good things to say about the trip. I’m glad you loved it to. Big hugs to you and the crew 🙂


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